RADIOLOGIC remote vehicle brake test for the automotive industry

We are grateful and proud to have gained the confidence of “VTI” the Swedish Goverment Road and Transport Research Institute to have received the opportunity to develop a customized RADIOLOGIC system in order to remote vehicle brake test for the automotive industry. “Once again, this proves the uniqe performance of this new Made in Sweden radio remote control systems”

Have you considered connecting a radio to a PLC? Why not remove the PLC and install an intelligent radio with built-in logic instead? RL-PRIO can often take care of all your logic and be the hub of your machines control system. The small dimensions and the modest power consumption allows installation of the RL-PRIO in almost all already existing electrical cabinets and/or casings.


Cable replacement “Cut your cables”. With two RL-PRIO, you can almost always replace one or more cables. Calculate how much a cable costs after it has been ordered, bought, installed and connected by a certified electrician or technician, the costs just keep adding-up. Don´t forget costs for short and long-term documentation. The same goes for outdoors; how much does it cost to make a 100 meter long cable trench with digging, permits from landowners, cable protection, filling etc.? RL-PRIO pays for itself fast and it can be installed immediately. We can usually program and ship the units same-day of the order or the day after.

RL-PRIO is often used as a hub In a Radiologic system and it can be connected to all parts of the product family such as, the above handheld transmitting unit RL-RC10, or the smaller RL-mini transmitting unit, the RL-touch display, GSM- and network module RL-Router for collection of statistics and data or RL-USB, which connects Radiologic with a regular PC. You can also use our API “RL-LogicLink” for your personal settings.


The distance doesn’t have to be far in order for an intelligent radio remote control to be practical and cost-effective. The operator may want to remain in the cabin of the vehicle when activating a machine/application, which is stationary and services multiple vehicles, Radiologics triplex function ensures that the operator operates the right machine at the right moment.

RL-PRIO means “Radiologic PLC Radio Input/output”, in other words, a simple radio remote controlled unit, programmable for most third part products such as sensors, logical I0-units, sensors, valves, relays, bus-systems and relay boards, the list can go on.




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