Logical RADIOLOGIC – RL-access – systems for safety passage i.e. – industrial doors – gates – port – terminals

As our ports are completed to meet the requirements of the ISPS Code for Maritime Safety, we have developed a completely new unique radio remote control systems and passage system called RL Access on RadioControl SMD.

Maritime protection is the concept to protect shipping against external threats. In order to distinguish these “security issues” from what is known as “safety”, the term maritime protection has been chosen.

New rules (ISPS code)

The new Maritime Safety Regulations (ISPS Code) were adopted at the IMO Diplomatic Conference, led by Swedish Maritime Safety Director Johan Franson, December 12, 2002, and introduced by amendments and additions to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention. The choice of the SOLAS Convention, a convention that had previously only concerned maritime safety, was due to time constraints, the convention was adopted and was already in place. The ISPS Code applies to ships in international traffic and port facilities serving these vessels. The content of the code was much based on an earlier IMO Circ 443, which in turn has emerged after events in the Middle East.

In short, RadioControl SMD AB will launch how we think we can contribute to raising security with regard to gateway barriers, bars and industrial gateways.

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